About Us

A whiff, a sniff, an aroma that travels from the nose to the brain archive.

FETCH creates memorable scents that define multi sides of an individual personality. Ones that follow your steps – from home to daily commute and back.

To ‘fetch’ is to go after an object, often a desired one. The word describes our spirit exactly, an action to go after a scent you like, to complete your own definition of your personality.

FETCH is born and bred in Indonesia, home to abounding aroma that no lists can seem to contain. From spices that made voyagers and conquerors came from far parts of the world, to mishmash of manmade smells that fill up corners of the nation’s many cities.

Crafted from top ingredients, FETCH delivers scents with hustlers in mind – hence its compact, long-lasting, halal-certified ranges that come in different forms, including eau de perfume, roll on and body mist.

FETCH, scents that empower you.